5G Gigantic health hazard

International Conference - Poland - Zone free from 5G

Kraków, 28.02.2019 - Special Thanks Renata Cyparska, Jadwiga Kopata, sir Julian Rose oraz Daniel Cichy for making this interview possibile.

5G Gigantic health hazard – Dr Barrie Trower calls it mass genocide - we are in BIG trouble if we sit idly by, highly informative!

Some highlights:
known as Growler and has been tested on special services and brought them to their knees in seconds. its a weapon, just because it used at a lower range doesnt mean anything, can simply be turned on high range. Can produce effects of sexual aggression, nightmares, hallucination, suicidal tendencies, cancer. Cell phones have been hijacked by children. Girl said to her parents if you take my cell phone ill kill you in your sleep. now try taking that away from them, cant be done, addicted. been known since 60BC from a Greek, dont recall his name After 20 years study Every single firefighter in CA within study had some form of neurological damage from cell towers located near them. 5G will not be deployed to Israel! Also taking strenuous measures to protect certain sensitive areas, such as child areas, schools, old age homes etc! Going with fibre optic approach. A machine malfunctioned in a hospital and 47% of staff had miscarriages within 7 weeks of pregnancy 42% of the world where this is deployed will have birth defects. 1973 they predicted Poland would be destroyed by MWs, this was documented by a top secret document that our very leaders are not permitted to see.
He has the proof to prove what he has is true 58% of population is taking avoiding action, 42% is not. This tech is being used to blackmail people. Ref 2300 published papers listing. Back in 1971 NMRI research 123 documented impairments and illnesses. US District Court of Oregon, Micro waves or Radio waves sickness in 1932, tiredness, fatigue, headache, intolerably, infections. There are now clinics in certain countries have detox clinics for children, from phones!! Also white zones are popping up, Micro waves free zones.
(h/t Deli Rious Nomad)

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