Measuring Radiation

Rich Guglietti

Rich and Lisa Guglietti are building a new home in Oakville Ontario Canada. It's situated in a quiet residential area on Balsam Avenue, right beside a historical building operated by Bell telephone as a switching station. Recently, Bell Mobile has decided to mount cell antenna on the chimney on the roof that is 13 meters away from their child's bedrooms.

Lisa Guglietti had asked Bell to relocate the antennas due to health concerns but Bell has refused to listen siting regulations from Industry Canada. Lisa Guglietti has decided to make their plight a national concern and has gone to the press for help. The local papers, UPI, The Toronto Star and even The CBC - The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation have decided to bring their story to the public's attention. Here is the CBC article.

In this video, you will learn about the harmful effects from chronic cell phone antenna radiation and how to compare their output power density to cell phones using microwave radiation meters. Scientists from around the world inform about the hazards of over exposure to microwaves from cell antenna.
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